After a tragic injury, you only want to know one thing...can you get your life back?

I'm a trial lawyer who can help you navigate the complexities and insurance pitfalls facing you, so you can return as fully and quickly as possible to your precious life.

Call Now, Get Your Life Back

No Upfront Cost

Finances are extremely stressful at this difficult time. You pay us nothing until you win a settlement.

Medical Support

Proper medical attention is a critical part of building a strong case. We refer you to physicians who can help strengthen your case.

Trial Ready

When your future life is on the line, you need an experienced advocate who is prepared to take it all the way to trial.

The day clients come to my office is often the worst day of their lives.

They've suffered traumatic events, have often sustained near-fatal injuries, and, sometimes, have even lost loved ones. They're not looking for a quick pay-day. They simply want to get their lives back.

Call Now, Get Your Life Back

Unfortunately, insurance companies invest millions to make the system work against you, not for you.

After an injury, clients often feel battered, overwhelmed and unsure of who to trust. They want to trust insurance adjusters, but those adjusters actually have a fiduciary duty to pay them smallest claim they'll accept, even if their injuries warrant exponentially more. I work to make sure that doesn't happen.

It's not right that insurance companies get away with further victimizing the injured.

I'm dedicated to helping the critically injured defend themselves against unfair settlements so they can heal, pay their medical bills, and get their lives back. I've worked hundreds of cases where settlements increased dramatically through prepared legal representation.

Call Now, Get Your Life Back

Navigate this difficult time in 5 steps.

You meet me at my office or I come to you to discuss your rights and options.

I help build your medical team and assemble proof to tell your story.

I stop adversarial communications from the insurance company.

I communicate with you throughout this process while I prepare for settlement or trial.

You get your life back as much as is possible.

“After my injury, I came close to signing away my rights to an adjuster who was pressuring me to accept a settlement that barely covered my medical bills, and nothing for lost wages.”

Carly Young

“Dan Garner is very educated and passionate about his role in helping others toward their pursuit of happiness. This is not just a slogan but the way they built their firm. Dan is fast and efficient and great at follow up. I appreciate his good communication and have used him for various items including recommending him to my clients. I highly recommend Dan Garner at White and Garner LLC.”

Matthew Emett

“Dan Garner is the best attorney in Salt Lake City! His knowledge and professionalism are accompanied by his patient and deliberate insight and research. You can be sure that if you need to have someone on your side who knows what he is doing and what is possible, you need to talk to Dan. Thanks Dan!”

M Collins

Feel Like You Again

Call Now, Get Your Life Back

What’s At Stake?

You don’t receive the medical care you need.

You are stuck paying outrageous medical bills.

Your life remains devastated by the event.

Your injuries are assessed too quickly, before related injuries have time to manifest.

You don’t receive the just compensation you deserve.

Don’t let this tragedy define you.

Call Now, Get Your Life Back

I can help you put all this behind you, so you can…

Receive expert legal support at a critical time.

Get proper medical treatment so that your injuries can heal.

Make thoughtful decisions regarding your future.

Have the financial means to put your life back together.

Get your life back, as much as is possible.

Dan is the best there is! Dan knows what he's doing. He treats you like family and really does care about your outcome. Thanks again for all your hard work!

James Webb

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