Dermatologist Dances into Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

Surgeon Dances into Medical Malpractice by making music videos while operating on her patients.

Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte’s website calls her “Atlanta’s most experienced cosmetic surgeon,” but recently her biggest experience has been dealing with medical malpractice cases. Dr. Davis-Boutte’s has four pending lawsuits against the doctor, and more than 20 videos previously posted on YouTube featured the board-certified dermatologist dancing and singing around exposed, unmoving patients. In one especially heinous video Boutte made incisions while she sang and cavorted to the camera.

26-year-old Ojay Liburd filed a lawsuit against Dr. Boutte last year. Liburd’s mother,  saw Boutte for a liposuction and a panniculectomy. It was weeks before her wedding, and she was credits away from earning her Ph.D. Unfortunately, Cornelius never wore her wedding dress and never married. After a more than eight-hour procedure, Cornelius’ heart stopped. She suffered permanent brain damage and will need care for the rest of her life.

During her procedure, Cornelius was not intubated, and did not receive general anesthesia. She was given a cocktail of drugs, including Propofol and fentanyl. No end-tidal CO2 monitoring equipment was used during the procedure. Boutte does not have hospital admitting privileges, and her Lilburn office is not a licensed surgery center. Cornelius went into cardiac arrest while Boutte was sew ing her tummy tuck incision. Her certified registered nurse anesthetist who was monitoring Cornelius’ vitals had already left the room. Boutte’s office elevator was too small for the stretcher, so first responders had to carry Cornelius down the stairs.  Dr. Boutte has settled the lawsuit with Cornelius’s family at an estimate of $13 million dollars.

Boutte’s website states “Dr. Boutté is board certified in both surgery and dermatology.” However, that is a lie. According to state medical records, Boutte is a board-certified dermatologist, and is not board certified in general surgery or plastic surgery. Unfortunately, in Georgia it is legal for any physician to operate, even if they are not a board-certified surgeon.

Remarkably Dr. Boutte is still performing surgeries and has not had her license to practice medicine  revoked. Her website still claims she is a board certified surgeon, and still is performing cosmetic surgeries. As Cornelius’s son puts it, Dr. Boutte is still getting up and going to work every day and making a great deal of money, subjecting patients who are none the wiser to her unsafe practices, while my mother a previous Ph.D candidate can no longer speak.

Like all professions there are good and bad doctors. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the Georgia medical board has decided to protect Dr. Boutte and not suspend or revoke her license. If you or a loved one are considering plastic surgery, please investigate the doctor first. You can’t just believe what is on their website, you must investigate what certifications they are claiming and look into their malpractice history.


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