Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are pretty common on our roadways. Truck drivers receive training to prepare them for their career, but human's will never be perfect.

Truck accident

Trucking accidents are pretty common on our roadways.  Truck drivers receive training to prepare them for their career, but human’s will never be perfect. The law does not require perfection, but it does require care. Negligence is when that care is breached and is common in trucking accidents. Numerous truck drivers are mindful and follow the rules, but individuals who don’t follow the rules cause catastrophic damage that often results in death or serious injury.

Trucking accidents are usually caused by driver mistake, careless hiring, or improper payloads. The first driving mistake is speeding. Second is driving while affected by medications or liquor. Unfortunately, trucking accidents mostly involve a driver driving while exhausted. In spite of the legislature’s best efforts. Drivers still ignore the hours of service controls which are intended to shield drivers from driving too long without satisfactory rest periods. Unfortunately, some drivers disregard these standards and increase the danger of nodding off. Sleeping often occurs at the worst possible time, and results in poor reaction times.

Cases of careless hiring often include neglecting to investigate a driver’s background. It is careless to hire someone who’s past is marked by criminal traffic offenses. It is also careless to hire somebody with a substance abuse past. Allowing an unsafe or unfit driver on the road opens the business to liability. Tragically, trucking organizations commonly attempt to deny any obligation to those injured by their drivers. The organization’s most common tactic is asserting that the driver is self-employed. The adversarial process inherit in our system is why it is critical to become as educated as possible about your specific situation.

Improper payloads are common and occur at the point when a trailer is over-burden or unevenly stacked. The outcomes that result from trailers that are improperly loaded are unfortunate, trailers that are overloaded are at substantial risk of causing an accident. Braking becomes difficult with an overloaded payload. If the truck is driving too quick or following too closely an accident is almost always going to occur. Unevenly stacking trailers, or neglecting to guarantee that payload is legitimately secured, can likewise be perilous. An uneven payload influences the trailer’s focal point of gravity and increases the possibility of a jackknife accident.

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